Somebody’s Watching Me: A Cultural History of Ghosts in Horror

Ghost stories are the bread and butter of the horror genre. The idea of the unknown bleeding into our known world is both fascinating and terrifying, and sits at the root of most horror subgenres. Stories of monsters, home invasions, aliens, possessions, and more could all be tied back to this concept of a horrific entity spilling into our own reality.

Though the basic mechanics stay the same, ghost stories will naturally vary from culture to culture. For example, Britain has a rich history of gothic storytelling traditions that weave tales of vengeful tyrants and lovers lost, which varies greatly from the many supernatural tales of terror from across Asia.

Even with the multitude of cultural differences, the fascination remains the same, and each country has historical depth that influences how these ghosts are portrayed.

(Read the full article at Modern Horrors, published May 6, 2019)

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