Toronto After Dark Interview: Cast of ‘I’ll Take Your Dead’

I’ll Take Your Dead is the latest film from Black Fawn Films, and it’s their strongest yet. Part suspense thriller, part ghost story, with elements of a home invasion horror and coming-of-age drama, the film has a lot of heart communicated through the complexity of its relationships. Directed by Chad Archibald and written by Jayme Laforest, the film... Continue Reading →


‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’: A Spoiler-Free Review of Season One

For those of us that grew up on ABC’s sassy yet squeaky-clean portrayal of the Archie comics character in the 1990s, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the version we want to see as genre-loving adults. It does away with the cutesy spells and magical mishaps, making it perfectly clear that these witches command an ancient power granted... Continue Reading →

Toronto After Dark Review: ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ is a Beautiful, Brilliant, Dark Fairytale

With Tigers Are Not Afraid, writer/director Issa López has crafted an emotionally beautiful fairytale, tangled in the horrific underworld of cartel violence in Mexico. Tigers Are Not Afraid begins with a title card that provides the tragic, sobering facts of the drug war. Since its beginning in 2006, 160,000 people have been killed and 53,000 have disappeared... Continue Reading →

Newest ‘Glass’ Trailer Builds a World of Vengeful Villains

We saw the beastly first full trailer for Glass (M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming double-sequel of both Unbreakable and Split) back in July. That trailer chased the “psychological delusion” element of the film with a focus on Psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) and her studies in that particular field. The brand new (just released!) second trailer takes the information we gathered from the... Continue Reading →

New ‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer Has Crawled Out from the Shadows

The 2019 rejuvenation of Pet Sematary – Stephen King’s classic tale of should-have-stayed-dead terror – has shifted its long-dormant bones to shake out some marketing material. The film recently dug up a set of “first look” photos, dropped a deliciously creepy new poster, and finally revealed a trailer. Let’s enjoy this poster for a second, though. There’s something delectably primal... Continue Reading →

Interview with Directors of ‘Folklore’, HBO’s New Asian Horror Anthology Series

Folklore is a new, six-episode, hour long, modernized Asian horror anthology series from HBO Asia. Each episode is helmed by a different director and based on deeply-rooted myths and superstitions across six countries in Asia. Produced and created by award-winning Singaporean filmmaker, Eric Khoo (who also directs one of the segments), Folklore features episodes by Joko Anwar (Halfworlds, Satan’s Slaves)... Continue Reading →

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